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All right, let me now share some of my latest experience. I have accomplished many things since my last blog. Still in the beginning stages with most everything, I have started with a few thoughtful approaches towards our goal. The current goal is providing worthwhile content for the web, achieving content based Google Advertisements and generating web traffic. These are some common since approaches based on the latest research efforts. I am not sure if these ideas are sound yet, but we are approaching a time now where things will start to come together.

As you may see, we have Google Ads in this Blog. I dove right in creating my Google AdSense Account. After approval by Google and a little bit of learning curve, we now have good-looking content-based Ads in our Blog. We still, as of this date, have not produced any income yet. We have a blog spot and we have Google Ads. The real job now is to generate traffic. I have been working on this considerable and this latest blog will aid in tying theses efforts together. We should learn how web links effect our page ranking and soon know something more about Search Engine Optimization.

To provide for the creation of web links, to gain some Search Engine recognition I am creating a new domain of my own. When I have setup, I will be able to link the two sites together which will help the search engines find us by our improved ranking. If this provides to be a positive direction worth duplicating, I have found an excellent place for creating a domain. For $9.00, a month simplifies this process and makes creating your domain pretty easy, It’s about as easy as setting up this Blog.

In researching Profitable Niches for Blogging, I stumbled across Transferable Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights Products allow you to instantly have your own product that you can put YOUR name on, You can take content created by someone else, and make it your own - instantly giving your a product of your own to start selling. I actually made a purchase of a One Time Offer for $27 that looks like an opportunity to generate some income and provide the web links needed to get more search engine recognition. Look at this Money generating web page. So not to waist any time when this proves to be a worthwhile investment, I will elaborate on the setup and utilizing of it in the technical manor of speaking.

Follow the Trail of Successful Internet Business

The Dave Blogs

I am just like you, ordinary. I have confidence, Common sense, and the ability to learn just like you. I am competitive I like to be best in the business. I am a bit of an entrepreneur. Through my career, I have worked as flooring installer doing carpet linoleum and hard wood floors in a union position and independently. I have gone back to school receiving my Associates of applied science Degree in Electronics so that I could have my own computer and electronics repair business. Again, I am just an average Joe. I am 52 years old, perhaps a little wisdom comes with that, but nothing more special than anyone else. The nervousness is just because it’s new and the pressure is because it is money. The cure is accomplishment by jumping in and moving forward, you already knew this though because you are just like me. So if I can succeed in creating successful internet business then follow along you can too. Don’t forget, if you see a better way Please do not let me hold you back. I will see you on the trail. Thanks. Now Follow The Dave Blogs.

Google AdSence and Establishing Web Traffic

The Dave Blogs

This started for me when I was using the Internet like any body else, I was a little aware of what was going on around me. I have always taken note of the evolutionary changes of the internet, and now I am noticing the word “affiliate” more and more on all kinds of Web Sites. I stumbled across when purchasing some software online from an internet web site. When I was making the purchase for the software, I was redirected to the web pages to handle the transaction. I find all of this pretty interesting especially how simple the marketing website was with no check out or shopping carts. Anyway, I performed my normal investigative research to find whom I would be giving my money and credit card information. Right away, I was impressed with the ClickBank website and I was thinking what an amazing Idea where marketers and venders both could have it all at there finger tips as well as the consumer and never have to cross paths. ClickBank took care of it all the entire transaction...

The light turned on for me late one night when watching an infomercial with a fellow named Jeff Paul. He was offering a get rich program, an online program where he would set you up with some web sites and allow you to market products and collect profits. Through the day, I thought more about Jeff Paul and his success stories and I suddenly put two and two together and realized he was capitalizing on the ClickBank System. What an Idea he is selling a concept. Selling the Idea of a website with merchandise people would buy, and methods to obtain internet traffic. After looking at the affiliate marketing Idea further, I have decided it does sound possible and the commissions are great over 50% of the sale. I believe it will work like this. I believe with tools to help see what people are searching for on the internet to buy. I believe there are affiliate-marketing opportunities for these Items, and I believe it is possible to achieve customer traffic. Affiliate marketing will defiantly be one of the directions in this quest.

Here is another idea and a great way to get started. It is called Google AdSense. A worthwhile helpful internet website with traffic can make you money. Google will place Google ads on websites that provide good original content to the internet, and every time a user clicks on one of the page’s Google advertisements, the web site generates money.

Our first venture will be Google ads and establishing web traffic Please follow along.

Welcome to TheDaveBlogs (A beginners Guide)

The Dave Blogs

This is my blog for Online Wealth from Scratch (A beginners Guide)
Please follow my Blog and experience the learning curve as I develop online moneymaking business. I have no experience just common sense. I am just like you an average Joe or Dave as the case is. I plan to succeed in many kinds of online Internet business. You are welcome to follow my Blog and participate in many fashions. I will post my success and pitfalls. You will be able analyze and learn from my mistakes, and not have to make them yourself. I will not waste your time. The immediate course of my study will be in Affiliate marketing, Google Ad sense, Blogging for Cash, and search engine optimization.

I will answer question as they pertain to my travels to make it easier to follow along.
I will do the research and gather the information leaving my trail for you to follow.
I will be open to suggestions you might like to offer.
I will seek out the experts and listen to their advice on building your own online business.
I will post my success and pitfalls.
You will be able fallow along skipping the mistakes that I will make.
You will be able Analyze and learn from my mistakes...
We will decides what is valuable information.
We will discover success together.
We will create an online money making business.
Let us find out about the Internet's online wealth together.

The direction I'll be heading is making money with Google AdSense. I understand one of the easier ways, if not the easiest way to make money is posting blogs with Google AdSense.

Follow The Dave Blogs of an ordinary Joe starting from scratch as he discovers the truths about Internet Marketing.

I will run the risks, and you may follow the successes!